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                        THE DEVELOPMENT OF COMPUTERS

                        UPSURGE OF VIOLENCE IN USA


                        HISTORY: Chinese Secret Societies

                        BOOK REVIEWS: The Book of Humans

                                                       Black Lies Matter

                                                         Hidden hand

NUMBER NINETY FOUR                                                                            SPRING 2020


            Think of all the inventions created over the last four or five centuries and how they have made life easier or even viable for most of the world’s population. Trains, planes, automobiles and boats (or at least the propeller driven types) for example have revolutionised transport. Radio, telephones, television and more recently computers and the Internet have revolutionised communications. Developments in medicine from keyhole surgery to antibiotics and vaccinations have saved countless lives.

            For example in 1608 Hans Lippershey invented the telescope which was later used by Galileo in astronomy. In 1800 Luigi Galvani and Alessandro invented a device that gave a continuous flow of electricity. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876 and Karl Benz invented the automobile in 1885. Guglielmo Marconi produced the radio in 1895 and John Baird produced the first television on 1926. By 1903 the Wright brothers had progressed to powered flight even if their plane only stayed aloft for 12 seconds on its first flight. (1)

            Technology follows scientific discoveries and there have been quite a few discoveries over the last five hundred years. In 1543 the Flemish-born doctor, Andreas Vesalius published “The Fabric of the Human Body” in which he updated knowledge of human anatomy and helped put aside the ancient teachings of the Greek writer Galen whose writings had been accepted for 1000 years. Galen unlike Vesalius had never actually dissected a human body. In the same year Copernicus, a Polish astronomer, put forward the idea that the Earth moved around the Sun rather than, as had been accepted, the Sun moved around the Earth. Europeans began exploring the world and in 1606 Luis de Torres sailed through the strait between New Guinea and Australia. In 1642 Abel Tasman discovered New Zealand and Tasmania and not so long after Henry Baffin came within 13 degrees of the North Pole.

            As the centuries passed more and more scientific discoveries were made. In 1616 William Harvey’s research revealed how blood moves around the human body. In 1729 Stephen Gray discovered that an electric charge could be carried by certain materials such as metals but not glass or dry silk threads. Michael Faraday made more achievements with electricity and magnetism in the 1830s. More recently Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin which was later developed into the first antibiotic and in 1953 James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the “double helix” structure of DNA. The discoveries and inventions just mentioned are only a tiny fragment of those made over the last five centuries. It’s noticeable that these, and in fact most discoveries over the last five centuries or so have been made by white Europeans or people of European descent. (2)

            A survey of Nobel Prize winners in the sciences shows a mere 2% were non-European from 1901 to 1950, and this rose to only 6% from 1951 to 2000. Most of the non-Europeans were Japanese or Chinese and none were African. (3)

            Those of European, (i.e. white) ancestry have accounted for the overwhelming majority of scientific advances without which we would not have a much higher living standard than our ancestors, and in fact billions of us would not have come into existence. The white race has much to be proud of but most modern discourse is not on our achievements but on using whites as scapegoats for the world’s problems, particularly when those people of darker hues don’t keep up with us. However this is only part of the problem.

            Most European populations have very low birth rates and will shortly reach zero or negative population growth if not for a largely non-European flood of migrants. (4) Will these newcomers exhibit the inventiveness and scientific curiosity that whites have done over the last five centuries? In view of the poverty and oppression their own cultures have produced it would seem unlikely. So far they have been noted more for their crime and other social problems than for making a positive contribution to their new countries. (5)

            As for the countries of northeast Asia who in the Middle Ages had levels of technology equivalent to those of Europe, their birth rates are as low or lower than European nations. Japan has a falling population and the low fertility rates in China will probably see a falling population in a decade or two. (6)

            The European derived nations like the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia seem to be doing a bit better but still have fertility rates below the 2.1 needed to maintain their population levels without immigration. And it is not the genius level citizens who have the most children but those poorly placed on the Bell Curve. Those migrant groups that exhibit the most social problems are those who have the highest birth rates. (7)

            Among all the other problems with dysgenic birth rates and immigration is that the inventiveness and scientific endeavour Westerners have exhibited for five centuries is likely to seriously decline. Human progress is likely to slow, if not stop.

(2) David Ellyard, “Who Discovered What When?” Reed New Holland, Chatswood, 2007

(3) Charles Murray, “Human Accomplishment”, Perennial, New York, 2004, p. 284

(5) Grace Guarnieri, “Migrants in Europe Linked to Soaring Violence and Crime in Germany, Study Finds”,  1 March 2018

(7) Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen, “Intelligence”, Ulster Institute for Social Research, London, 2014; Australian Bureau of Statistics, 33010DO006 Births, Australia, 2018, table 6.1, Country of birth of mother – 2018


            Computers are pretty well essential to modern day life and even most households nowadays have a personal computer. As with many other inventions it was overwhelmingly white Westerners who invented computers.

            For instance as early as the 1830s an English engineer, Charles Babbage, came up with a design for a computing machine with an integrated memory. The project dissolved when the British government withdrew funding but in 1888 his son, Henry Babbage completed a simplified version of the computing unit of the machine. Even before this, Sir William Thomson developed a basic analogue computer to predict tides in 1876.

            In 1906, Lee De Forest invented the vacuum tube (valve) in the United States.

            In 1939, German engineer Konrad Zuse produced the Z2, an electromechanical relay computer. In 1941 he produced the Z3, the world’s first electromechanical programmable, fully automatic digital computer. It used a binary rather than a decimal system.

            In England in 1943, Tommy Flowers built Colossus, a computer used for wartime code-breaking. It was the world’s first electronic digital programmable computer.

            Between 1943 and 1945, John Maunchly and J. Prosper Eckert, developed the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) at the University of Pennsylvania. 

            Modern computers are based on principles proposed by Alan Turing back in 1936. A fundamental concept of his design was a program where instructions are stored in the computer’s memory.

            Transistors began to replace valves because they could be made much smaller. They were invented in the US in 1947 by John Bardeen, Walter Brattain and William Shockley. In 1953, Tom Kilburn designed and built the world’s first transistorised computer at the University of Manchester.

            The microprocessor which controls a computer’s functions was developed by Ted Hoff in the US in 1971, supercomputers that are used by governments and universities to process massive amounts of tasks were invented by Seymour Cray in the US in 1976, and the personal computer was invented by Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak, also in the US, in 1977.

            The Internet was developed by J. C. R. Licklider and Larry Roberts in the US and England in 1983, the World Wide Web was developed by Tim Berniers-Lee in Switzerland in 1989, and Wi-Fi technology was developed by a number of inventers in the US and Australia in 1997.


            Violent crime appears to be increasing in much of the United States, partly following the George Floyd death that sparked demonstrations and riots, and partly due to relaxing of the lockdowns that were necessitated by the Covid-19 crisis.

            As of early August, 36 of the biggest 50 cities in the US saw a rise in homicides, an increase of 24%. Some crimes however, such as burglary and rape are down this year. Chicago has been particularly badly affected with an increase in the number of murders of 139% in July compared to the same period last year. Murders are up in both Democrat and Republican run cities. (1)

            St Louis saw at least 17 children die violently this year. Black communities have been the worst affected. An analysis showed that in majority-white neighbourhoods violent crime fell by 30% while stay-at-home orders were in place, but tended to increase once the orders were lifted. Nevertheless they stayed below average compared to 2018 and 2019. In majority-black neighbourhoods violence remained steady while stay-at-home orders were in effect but rose after the orders were lifted. In these neighbourhoods violent crime reached the highest levels in the past three years. While crime tends to go up during summer in the US, predominantly Asian, Hispanic and white neighbourhoods saw a flutter beneath the levels of recent summers, while in predominantly black neighbourhoods crime rose about 8 to 10% compared to 2018 and 2019. (2)

            The FBI’s “Preliminary Uniform Crime Report, January-June, 2020” showed a drop in many violent and property crimes. In the first six months of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019, rape offences decreased by 17.8% and robbery offences by 7.1%. However homicides (murders and non-negligent manslaughters) increased by 14.8% and aggravated assaults were up 4.6%. (3)

(2) John Harden & Justin Jouvenal, “Crime Rose Unevenly When Stay-at-Home Orders Lifted. The Racial Disparity is the Widest in Years”,  9 October 2020


            Henry Ergas recently wrote about Aboriginal problems in The Australian newspaper and where he thinks the fault lies. He admits that the high representation of indigenous people in prison and their deaths in jail are due to them committing crime. Indigenous women are about 40 times more likely to be hospitalised for intentionally inflicted violence than other Australian women. However he points out that the granting of equal wages in the cattle industry back in 1965 led to thousands losing their jobs. Subsidising remote Aboriginal settlements, something kicked off under the Whitlam and Fraser governments, condemned many to inadequate housing, poor education and a future without jobs or hope. State and territory governments repealed laws, dating from 1929, that had criminalised public drunkenness, starting the spiral into alcohol-fuelled violence in Aboriginal communities and increasing indigenous incarceration rates, which Ergas claims had been falling since World War I. He recommends a commitment to integration rather than racial separateness.

            Lyn Wesley in a recent edition of Quadrant is even more scathing of Aboriginal self-determination, the government’s “Closing the Gap” policies and the Aboriginal industry. She points out that of the 43,000 people in Australian prisons in 2019, almost 30% were Aboriginals. This is despite Aboriginal incomes increasing faster than for the rest of the population. Aboriginal poverty has decreased in urban areas but increased in remote areas which would indicate that those who have the chance to live on “country” and pursue traditional culture are less well off than those assimilated to mainstream Australian culture. Aboriginal expenditure is said to be $33 billion per year and a large number of Aboriginals are in receipt of programs and benefits that reward identity not need. Nevertheless it appears to be a losing battle when we look at crime, jail and recidivism rates across the decades.

Henry Ergas, “If Separatism is Such a Misery, Do We Try Integration?” The Australian, 12 June 2020

Lyn Wesley, “The Cruel Deception of Aboriginal Self-Determination”, Quadrant, September 2020


INNER ASIA: Researchers into the genetic and cultural changes preceding the rise of the Xiongnu and Mongol nomadic pastoralist empires studied ancient DNA from 214 individuals dated from 4600 BC to 1400 AD. The eastern Eurasian Steppe was once inhabited by hunter gatherers of Ancient North Asian or Ancient Northern Eurasian ancestry but around 3000 BC, dairy pastoralism was introduced by Yamnaya people from the Black Sea region. The Yamnaya had little genetic impact but a strong cultural effect and pastoralism came to be practised by people throughout the Eastern Steppe. At one time there were three distinct groups in Mongolia but by the time the Xiongnu empire rose these groups had mixed leading to a spectacular genetic diversity. By the time of the Mongol Empire there was a marked increase in East Asian ancestry and a near complete loss of Ancient North Eurasian ancestry.

ANCIENT IRISH: Human remains found in a chamber on Bengorm Mountain in Ireland in 2016 were identified as being from Neolithic people who lived 4500 to 5000 years ago. DNA from the remains indicate the people were lactose-intolerant and darker skinned than modern Irish, having a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern skin colour. Processing milk as in the making of cheese got rid of the lactose problem. More ancient Europeans like the 10,000 Cheddar Man probably had darker complexions than the Bengorm people.

Michael Marshall, “Ancient Irish Genes”, New Scientist, 17 October 2020

ANCIENT AUSTRALIA: An archaeological site known as Moyjil at Warrnambool in Victoria has charred rocks and weather worn shells that could be evidence of human habitation 120,000 years ago. The charred rocks are thought to be part of a fireplace and the shells left over from meals. If there were people there 120,000 years ago that would be twice as long ago as it had been believed that Aborigines first came to Australia.

Sian Johnson, “Ancient Aboriginal Site Moyjil..”, 5 September 2020

VIOLENCE ON STEPPES: Political instability among nomads from Siberia during the 2nd to 4th centuries AD led to violent raids and bloody rituals. Examination of skeletal remains shows evidence of violence including decapitation. Mostly men were affected but women and men were found among the victims. Throat-slitting and scalping could indicate not only raids but mysterious rituals involving the killing of humans and the collection of war trophies.

ANCIENT ASIANS: Analysis of the genome of a Mongolian woman, the oldest human fossil found in that country, who died 34,000 years ago, showed that 25% of her DNA was from Western Eurasia indicating that people moved across the Eurasian continent shortly after it was settled by the ancestors of present day populations. This individual and that of a 40,000-year-old from China also carried DNA from Denisovans, an extinct people who inhabited Asia before modern humans arrived.

ANCIENT PROTEINS: The DNA, if any, in very ancient fossils can be so degraded that it is not of use in telling us about archaic humans such as those of Homo naledi found in South Africa’s Rising Star cave in 2013. The remains were a mix of primitive and modern features and it was impossible to know how it was related to other ancient species or modern humans. However DNA does not survive well in hot areas especially in very old fossils. New techniques have been developed that allow the study of proteins that do survive and as these occur in sequences as instructed by DNA it gives some insight into the relationship with other species along some idea of what they ate and even their sex lives.

Colin Barras, “Beyond Ancient DNA”, New Scientist, 12 September 2020

CREWLESS BOATS: Australia is to deploy a fleet of unscrewed boats to patrol our waters and monitor weather and wildlife. They can also detect vessels transporting asylum seekers. The 5-metre long boats, known as bluebottles, will use a combination of wind, wave and solar power to maintain a steady 5-knot speed.

“Uncrewed Boats to Patrol Australian Coast”, New Scientist, 8 August 2020



            Like other countries, China has had underground societies that were formed for political reasons but often crossed over into criminal activities.

            As early as 1762 China had a group called the Tiandihui of Society of the Heaven and Earth. The Qing dynasty tried to repress the group who were forced underground where they became a resistance movement against their Manchu rulers. The Tiandihui produced a propaganda manual espousing noble aims but had to resort to armed robbery to maintain itself financially.

            The Tinahui inspired other resistance societies including the Hung Mun or Hongmen. Hongmen branches were established in ethnic Chinese communities throughout the world. Some stayed true to their ideals but others drifted into criminal activities and gave rise to the Triads, one of the largest Asian crime syndicates in the world.

            Two very important people namely Sun Yat-Sen, founder of China’s first republic, and General Chiang Kai-shek, founder of modern Taiwan, were both members of the Hongmen. This could be why the organisation has not been outlawed in either China or Taiwan.

            The Triads however were persecuted by Mao Zedong. The Triads tended to spread out to areas with high numbers of ethnic Chinese such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Chinese communities in Vietnam, Australia, Canada, Singapore and the United States.

            The Triads are involved in illegal drugs, gambling, prostitution and sex trafficking. Like the Mafia they tend to have full control over all criminal activity in the neighbourhoods or regions in which they operate.

            With the rise of the heroin epidemic in Europe and the United States in the 1970s the Triads expanded their business using opium smuggled from the Golden Triangle in Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. They later branched into the illegal copying and sales of software and DVDs, and the marketing of counterfeit luxury goods from chic US and European brands.

            Evidence of Triad activity in Australia is not overt or obvious, largely because Asian crime gangs tend to act underground, unlike bikie gangs although both deal in illicit drugs.

            In 2017, Qi Gang Goo, a crime boss was set for deportation, 20 years after the Immigration Department bungled attempts to keep him out of Australia. Goo had risen to the top of the Big Circle gang, a Triad offshoot. Goo had convictions for illegal gambling, using a fake passport, housing stolen goods and drug use. His gang is said to have been involved in violence, extortion, drug importation and distribution, credit card fraud and prostitution.

            Other Triad derived gangs include the Sun Yee On and the 14K. Triad gangs have been active in Sydney and Melbourne since the 1970s and drug importation rackets appear to be led by underground Asian crime bosses. In fact Australia has one of the most lucrative drug markets in the world.

            Asian crime syndicates do not restrict themselves to only working with Asians, but also with Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, Italian or Anglos. Another problem with Australia’s so-called multicultural society.


Is bouts, Jean Pierre, “Secret Societies”, National geographic, Washington, D.C., 2017 (ISSN 2160-7141)

Trask, Steven, “Alleged Triad Boss Qi Gang Goo Set for Deportation 20 Years after Immigration Bungle”, 19 June 2017

“Asian Crime Gangs Cross the Ethnic Line”, 8 February 2010


“THE BOOK OF HUMANS: A Brief History of Culture, Sex, War and the Evolution of Us”, by Adam Rutherford, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 2019 (ISBN 978 1 78022 908 9)

            Humankind is generally considered the paragon of animals – or at least Shakespeare thought so when he wrote the play “Hamlet”. Nevertheless we are in many ways like other living things as Rutherford in his highly readable book points out.

            Human DNA works the same with our species as it does with others whether they are bonobos or bedbugs. With the exception of viruses all living things can be broken down into cells, their cellular metabolism works pretty much the same way, and we all evolved by natural selection.

            Rutherford writes about many traits and behaviours that we typically think of as human but which occur in the animal Kingdom. The use of tools is one example.

            Millions of years ago, one of our ancestors, Homo habilis who lived between 2.1 and 1.5 million years ago. The term “habilis” literally means handyman. Some other primates, monkeys and chimpanzees use stones to crack nuts and small sticks to prise edible bits from shells. Chimpanzees also modify and use sticks to catch termites or poke honey out of bee hives.

            Even birds show some tool using ability especially the New Caledonian crow. This clever bird not only uses sticks to wheedle grubs out of logs but will strip a twig until it is straight and true. In Australia, certain raptors – birds of prey – will pick up a small burning stick and drop it in dry grass setting it on fire causing small animals to flee and become food for the birds.

            Violence is inherit in nature but with humans the organised conflict between groups such as warfare would appear to be unique if ancient. In 2012, the remains of 27 bodies which had lain undisturbed for 10,000 years were unearthed Naturuk in Kenya. It appears they had been massacred and some of the skulls have fractures and broken cheekbones indicating severe blunt force trauma. War has been a feature of human history since the stone ages.

            There is one animal that also goes to war and that is our close relative the chimpanzee. Groups, generally known as troops, of these primates have been observed making incursions into another troop’s territory. In some cases they invaded their territory after conflict. In one case all the males of a defeated troop disappeared.

            Rutherford devotes quite a few pages to the subject of sex. Homosexuality surprisingly abounds in nature. Observations of a herd of giraffes found more male on male sexual encounters than male on female. Surprisingly during the period of observation, 22 calves were born.

            Sexual violence also occurs in nature and what appears to be forceful mating is seen in all sorts of animals from guppies to orangutans. Some otters have been observed attempting forced copulations on females so violent that it caused death.

            With much of human behaviour including our less savoury acts also occurring in other species what then differs us from them? An ape can use a stone to crack a nut but could it fashion a tool from that stone? Then there is our sophisticated speech and language that goes back at least 70,000 and possibly 600,000 years ago. Homo sapiens appeared about 300,000 years ago but related species such as Neanderthals and Denisovans probably had some form of language. Figurative art, including some going back 52,000 years has been found in Borneo, and 64,000 years found in Spain. The latter appears to be before Homo sapiens entered Europe.

            Sometimes isolated populations regress and in the case of indigenous Tasmanians, who it appears were isolated from mainland Australia for almost 10,000 years, there seems to have been a gradual disappearance of the ability to make fine bone tools, cold-weather clothing and implements to fish with such as hooks and spears.

            Rutherford has produced a very interesting and engaging book and does not get politically correct. Be warned however, his latest book, which only came out in 2020 is called “How to Argue With a Racist”.

“BLACK LIES MATTER: Why Lies Matter to the Race Grievance Industry” by Taleeb Starkes, 2016 (ISBN 9781523615919)

            Taleeb Starkes, a conservative Black American who works with troubled teenagers, bravely takes on the hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the racial grievance industry (RGI).

            When a black person is killed by a white person, especially a white police officer, the black community manifests disproportionate outrage. Race hustlers like Al “Shakedown” Sharpton milk the situation for all its worth. Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) has received millions in donations from corporations and Sharpton’s salary runs into hundreds of thousands a year.

            Some of the RGI are not actually black. Rachel Dolezal, once a leader of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was exposed as a white person with no black ancestry at all. In fact the NAACP was founded mainly by white people.

            Part of the RGI propaganda is that racism causes all of black America’s problems, even aging, obesity, and believe it or not, the quality of black people’s dreams. All of this while blacks suffer horrendous levels of homicides, overwhelmingly black on black homicides. Starkes gives some details of these.

            In Milwaukee in 2014 a five-year-old girl died in a drive-by shooting while she was sitting on her grandfather’s knee. Two months later a 13-month-old baby boy was shot and killed when a drug dealer shot up the wrong house in a dispute with another dealer.

            In 2015 Kansas City experienced 109 homicides including the shooting death of a teenage mother and her boyfriend. The mother’s baby was then killed, allegedly to stop it crying.

            With whites being scapegoated and white police in particular being demonised, it’s no wonder that a number get murdered by black criminals. Rookie police officer Melvin Santiago was shot by black criminal Lawrence Campbell who thought the crime would make him famous. A sidewalk shrine was actually set up for Campbell with candles and white tee shirts taped to a wall with supporting messages such as “Real Niggaz Don’t Die” written on them.

            Starkes see RGI as supported by a “unholy trinity”, namely victimhood, white guilt, and political correctness. In a desire for unity he sees a need for the grievance genie to be put back in its bottle and sealed for eternity.

“HIDDEN HAND: Exposing How the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World” by Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg, Hardie Grant Books, Melbourne, 2020 (ISBN 978 1 74379 557 6)       

            Despite high hopes the human rights situation in China shows little improvement, the power of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is not declining and the country is not becoming more democratic, in fact it seems to be regressing and becoming more authoritarian. To make things worse the CCP is extending its tentacles to organisations in countries around the world, giving it power and influence over multitudes of people far from China.

            With little resistance, Beijing is using coercion and intimidation and its authoritarian norms are exported around the globe. Opinions that might upset the Chinese are censored, university leaders pressure academics to temper their criticisms and ban the Dalai Lama. Academic freedom is threatened and Beijing’s growing system of surveillance and cyber intrusions violates personal privacy.           Using powerful business lobbies and corrupt politicians there is a serious threat to democracy.

            There is an obvious clash between the CCP’s repressive values and practices, and the freedoms enshrined in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights such as freedom of speech, assembly, religion or belief. Or for that matter freedom from persecution, the right to personal privacy, and equal protection under the law. In both words and deeds the CCP shows contempt for these rights.

            There are a number of programs by which the CCP spreads its influence and this includes the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), also known as the New Silk Road, which funds infrastructure worldwide. This gives China serious economic clout and allows it to blackmail any nation in need of investment. China will of course not be satisfied to just dominate the economies of poorer nations and aims to replace the United States as the world’s leading economic power.

            China is already asserting influence in the US and appears to be currying favour with Joe Biden by awarding business deals that favour his son, Hunter Biden.

            Beijing has managed to exert control over most of the Chinese language media in Western countries with a few exceptions such as the Falun Gong linked Epoch Times. Needless to say, once controlled the media becomes free of any criticism of the CCP.

            The CCP media are also moving into the mainstream Western media and have signed cooperation agreements with New York based Associated Press and London based Reuters. This is likely to lead to more self-censorship while also carrying CCP propaganda. Billions in Chinese investment has gone into European media.

            China has even become involved in international policing and has asked Interpol to arrange the arrest of hundreds of people, many of them political dissidents.

            Chinese citizens living outside their country are expected to stay loyal to the Chinese government. So too are Chinese businesses, in fact a law passed in 2017 requires these businesses to assist Chinese intelligence agencies. Modern capitalism has not weakened the party-state in China, if anything it has increased it.

            Meanwhile the “red aristocracy” has become more influential. Giant state-owned companies in China are often run by princelings – i.e. the sons and daughters of important party leaders.

            Australia’s government has recently passed legislation that will inhibit state governments from entering agreements with China such as when the Victorian government signed up to China’s BRI. However our government has a pretty pathetic record of signing away Australia’s sovereignty, and looking after the profits of the corporate sector, at the expense of the ordinary citizen. It’s hard to

be optimistic.



            With the Covid-19 crisis there was a slight drop in the number of migrants coming to Australian in the last financial year (i.e. 2019-20) to 140,366. This included 95,843 in the Skill stream, 41,961 in the Family stream, 81 in the Special Eligibility stream and 2,481 in the Child stream. The main countries of origin of these migrants were India 25,968, China 18,587, United Kingdom 10,681 and Philippines 8,965. Other important countries of origin were Vietnam, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa and the United States. The most popular destinations for these migrants were New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. The occupations of the primary application in the Skill stream were described as professionals (59.6%), Technicians and Trade Workers (17.0%), and Managers (9.0%). (i)

            Covid-19 also affected the Humanitarian (Refugee) Program and while it had initially been set at 18,750 only 13,171 visas were granted. These came mainly from the Middle East and others from Africa and Asia. Those granted humanitarian visas mainly came from Syria, Iraq, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Congo and Ethiopia. (ii)

            Meanwhile our economy has shrunk 0.3% in the first quarter of 2020 and 7% in the second quarter giving us our first recession in 30 years. Many other countries have done much worse, in the second quarter for instance the United Kingdom’s economy shrunk by 19.8%, Canada by 11.5% and France by 13.7%. (iii)

(i) Australian Government, Department of Home Affairs: 2019 – 20 Migration Program Report

(ii) Australian Government, Department of Home Affairs: Australia’s Offshore Humanitarian Program 2019-20


FOUR MEN, aged between 18 and 22, have been charged over the stabbing of a boy, aged 14, in Western Sydney. The men are Engu Tavai, 21, Siale Schaaf, 18, Isaih Torrisi, 22, and Tyrelle Maui, 22. The boy was taken to Westmead Children’s Hospital (Ben Pike, Sunday Telegraph, 8/11/20).

FLAGS WITH Nazi style swastikas have been seen flying in public, including suburban backyards, at least 31 times in the last two years. These are said to be among 112 incidents of anti-Semitism in New South Wales. It is illegal to fly the Nazi flag in Germany, Austria and France but it is not illegal in Australia. It is an offence under Section 93Z of the NSW Crimes Act, introduced in 2018, to incite violence towards a group based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex or HIV/AIDS status with a maximum penalty of three years jail but as yet, it appears not a single charge has been laid (Linda Simalis, “Nazi Flags Fly Over NSW”, ST, 25/10/20).

MODERN SLAVERY is to be fought by the federal government ploughing $10.6 million into fighting the problem including forced marriage and sex exploitation. In 2019-20 there were 223 reports of slavery cases in Australia, 92 involving forced marriage, 40 sex exploitation, 29 labour exploitation and 28 human trafficking (David Hurley, ST, 25/10/20).

THE CHINESE government has held up the importation of Australian rock lobsters leading to $100,000 worth of lobsters dying after being held up in Shanghai. Sanctions on other Australian products such as barley have hit our exporters and it was feared other products such as copper and sugar would also be banned (Clare Armstrong, “China Ban List Grows”, Daily Telegraph, 4/11/20).

THE SALE of the Port of Darwin to Chinese owned Landbridge (actually it’s a 99-year lease) is being examined by a parliamentary inquiry following the federal government’s new foreign power legislation which could be used to veto agreements made by state and territory governments. The new law could be used to force Victorian Premier Dan Andrew’s Belt and Road agreement with the Chinese government (Anthony Galloway, “MPs Want to Revisit Port of Darwin Deal”, Sun-Herald, 4/10/20).

THE AUSTRALIAN government spends billions of dollars on indigenous support every year but there is little evidence that current programs are effective according to the Productivity Commission. The government spends about $35 billion a year on indigenous affairs including health, defence and welfare but a recent Closing the Gap report shows most targets are not being met (Paige Taylor, “Closing the Gap: $35bn Funding Short on Checks”, The Australian, 30/10/20).

TWO IRISH tradesmen working in Australia were acquitted of the murder of “Aboriginal” man, Paul Tavelardis. The two men had been kicked out of a hotel in Summer Hill for being too drunk and were pictured collapsed at a train station. They claimed Tavelardis was trying to break into one of their utes. The Irish men had spent two years in custody but will be deported as their visas have expired ( 21/09/20).

THE SOUTH Sudanese community in Brisbane was in shock as one of their young men was stabbed to death in brawl in Brisbane’s north (N. Razik & S. Armbruster, 15/09/20).

A SOCIAL media post was described as “vicious” and “nasty” after a photo of Hitler was placed next to the picture of prominent Jewish community leader, Dr Dvir Abramovich, who had recently condemned the sale of Nazi items and German WWII military artefacts (DT, 7/10/20).

THE IMMIGRATION company linked to crook politician, Liberal MP Daryl Maguire gave a $50,000 kickback to a businessman in Wagga, NSW, in a cash-for-visa scheme. Two businessmen told the Independent Commission Against Corruption they had signed off falsified immigration documents in exchange for being paid thousands of dollars in cash (Max Maddison, “Manager Pocketed $50k in Cash-for-Visa Scandal”, TA, 25/09/20).

NOEL ZIHABAMWE, who fled Rwanda as a refugee, refused to be an agent of influence for the Rwandan government in Australia. He arrived in Australia in 2006, and was threatened at a meeting in 2017. He reported the threats and subsequently his two brothers in Rwanda were abducted and he fears they have been killed (A. Patty & L. Hartwell, “Man fears Rwandan Regime Killed Brothers over His Stance”, Sydney Morning Herald, 12/10/20).

A MAN who slashed three security guards and his brother with a knife in a drunken rage over a poker machine will not be deported from Australia and will retain his refugee status. He spent over three years in jail but appealed against deportation on the basis that as a Christian he would be at risk if sent back to Syria (Linda Silmalis, ST, 1/11/20).

IN THE recent election in Queensland the Chinese Forum placed ads urging voters not to back parties that don’t put One Nation last. The ads were run in Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean newspapers and online media (“Ethnic Backlash to Hit LNP in Key Seats” TA, 30/10/20).

AN ISLAMIC Museum and Anti-Defamation Commission are among recipients of $146.3 million in funding over five years for educating young Australians. $3 million will go to the Islamic Museum and another $3 million to the creation of a Holocaust education platform (DT, 7/10/20).

AN ABORIGINAL girl, aged 11, died of injuries believed to be self-inflicted in Perth Children’s Hospital. The girl had disclosed repeated sexual abuse. Her abuser was out on bail (Paige Taylor, “Abused Girl, 11, Dies of Self-Harm”, TA, 21/10/20).

TRISTAN SAILOR, 22, son of black rugby league icon, Wendell Sailor, has been charged over the alleged sexual assault of a 24-year-old woman in southern Sydney. The woman was apparently intoxicated during the assault (ST, 11/10/20).

ERIN MOLAN, media personality, has taken a lawsuit out against The Daily Mail after it claimed she was racist. She is said to have mocked Pacific Islander and Maori names and emulated Chinese, Indian and other accents. The Daily Mail used evidence like when on radio she said things like “Herro, I wery goo lookin” (Lane Sainty, “Continuous Fallout to On-Air Gags”, DT, 15/10/20).

A YOUNG man, 20, stormed into the Turkish, Gallipoli Mosque in the Sydney suburb of Auburn, and smashed various items like windows, fixtures and antique chandeliers. Damage was estimated at $100,000 and police arrested the offender (Erin Lyons, DT, 27/10/20).


JOE BIDEN looks to replace Donald Trumps as president of the United States despite Trump’s support actually increasing among America’s minorities. Under Trump’s economic policies, black unemployment fell to historic lows and wages rose (“Minorities May Play Major Role in Trump Miracle”, Daily Telegraph, 4/11/20).

VIOLENCE IN the US city of Philadelphia saw over 300 incidents of looting and at least 81 arrests. These followed the shooting of African-American Walter Wallace Jr, when he approached them with a knife. Wallace is said to have suffered mental health problems (Cameron Stewart, The Australian, 30/10/20).

ISLAMIST MILITANTS beheaded over 50 people on a football pitch in the African nation of Mozambique. Many bodies were chopped to pieces while other villagers were caught and killed as they tried to escape. Many homes were set alight in what is the latest atrocity in a growing wave of ISIS-linked violence (Tim Stickings, 10/11/20).

CHANTEL KERSHAW, 44, a white female farm manager was sexually assaulted and strangled at her farm in South Africa. Her mother was assaulted and the house was robbed. An employee at the farm was arrested and he appears to have been complicit in the attack with two other men. In another black on white crime, Brendin Horner, 21, was tortured, stabbed and strangled, on a different farm, 180 miles away ( 5/10/20).

AUSTIN STEVENS, 29, a black American, has been charged over the rape and death of his ten-month-old daughter. It appears Stevens googled “how do I know if a baby is dead” and waited an hour before calling 911. Stevens is said to have exchanged Instagram and text messages with two women while his daughter lay dying (S. Faberov, 8/10/20).

POLICE IN Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, shot a white boy aged 13 at least 11 times. The boy had Asperger’s Syndrome and his mother who had called for assistance said he might have an imitation firearm ( 22/09/20).

DARIUS SESSOMS, a 29-year-old black man approached a white 5-year-old who was riding a bike, and executed him in front of his two sisters. Sessoms lives next to the victim’s home (Cristina Laila, 11/08/20).

A COURT in Venezuela sentenced two former American Special Forces soldiers to 20 years prison for their part in a beach attack aimed at overthrowing President Nicolas Maduro. Luke Denman and Airan Berry were found guilty of conspiracy, trafficking in illegal arms and terrorism. They were part of an attack of 3 May known as Operation Gideon which left eight dead and 60 arrested (Sydney Morning Herald, 10/08/20).

A MAN IN NIGERIA has received the death sentence for the murders of nine women. Gracious David-West, 40, was arrested after several women were found strangled to death in different hotels in Port Harcourt in what looked like ritual killings (“Nigerian Woman-Killer Sentenced to Death”, Sunday Telegraph, 11/10/20).

FRENCH TEACHER, Samuel Paty, was beheaded by an extremist after showing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed to a class on freedom of expression. The killer was a refugee from Russia of Chechen origin and was shot dead by police. Children questioned about the crime said they supported the killing. Another terrorist murdered three people with a knife at a church in Nice. The chief suspect, Ibrahim Issaoui, 21, from Tunisia, was shot and arrested by police. Extremists are said to be recruiting French citizens (“Killer Took Photo of Body”, SMH, 19/10/20; John Leicester, “Children Back Teacher’s Beheading”, SMH, 9/11/20).

FOLLOWING THE beheading of a teacher, France has conducted dozens of raids against suspected Islamic extremists. The nation has suffered 36 Islamic terrorist attacks in the last eight years, including two that killed 200 people in total. French President Macron suggested that Islam might need an Enlightenment and one of his ministers spoke of a “civil war”. These comments brought rebuke from Turkish President Erdogan and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan who said Macron was divisive and encouraging Islamophobia. There are six million Muslims in France ( 27/10/20).

THE AUSTRIAN capital of Vienna saw a terrorist attack that left at least four people dead. The attack began near the Stadttempel synagogue in the centre of the city and the main culprit appears to have been 20-year-old Kujtim Fejzulai who had already been sentenced to 22 months in prison but was released seven months early. He had been put on a deradicalisation program but proceeded to post a picture of himself on Facebook carrying a pistol, a Kalashnikov and a machete (Janet Fife-Yeomans, “Vienna Hit by a String of Attacks”, DT, 4//11/20; “Evil IS Killer Fooled Anti-Terrorist Cops”, DT, 5/11/20).

GERMAN CHANCELLOR Angela Merkel condemned an attack on a Jewish student that occurred outside a synagogue in Hamburg. The attacker, who hit the student over the head with a shovel, was apprehended and admitted to a psychiatric facility (DT, 7/10/20).

THE CHINESE government has announced a new five year plan and it contains a birth policy with an emphasis on eugenics. With an ageing population China is encouraging women – or at least some women to have more children. China aims to “optimize its birth policy” and “improve the quality of the population”. It seems to be aimed at encouraging the growth of Han Chinese, the dominant ethnic group in China. China has been accused of forced sterilisation of minority women, particularly Muslim Uyghurs (Courtney Mares, 13/11/20).

CHILD SEX trafficking appears to be rampant in Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal. It is estimated that 50,000 girls are trafficked from Bangladesh to India each year – and more are sold into prostitution in Bangladesh. Indian crime statistics indicate 34,908 cases of human trafficking between 2010 and 2016, a quarter from West Bengal. In 2017 alone, 8,178 children were reported missing from West Bengal, many thought to have been sold to brothels (Yudhijit Bhattacharjee, “Stolen Lives”, National Geographic, October 2020).

SOUTH AFRICA has been confirmed as one of the worst places in the world for women. The number of sexual assaults rose to 53,293 in the year to March, an increase of 1.7%. At least 380 cases of rape were reported at either schools, universities, colleges or day care. Nearly 60 murders are committed every day (“Deadliest Place for Women”, ST, 2/08/20).


            “China has the most restrictive rules out of any major economy in the world and is the major perpetuator of intellectual property theft and forced transfers…It was therefore far-fetched for the senior diplomat to claim that China simply seeks reciprocity with other countries for mutual gain.”

            John Lee, “China’s Laughable Double Standards Fool No One”, The Australian, 27 August 2020

            “Beijing’s reshaping of the world has been so successful and met so little resistance in part because liberal democratic values have been hollowed out first from within.”

            Rowan Callick, “The Long Reach of Beijing’s Heavy Hand”, Quadrant, September 2020

            “The most important active British anti-slavery naval force, however, in the first half of the nineteenth century, was based in West Africa which freed slaves and took them to Freetown in Sierra Leone, a British colony founded for free black people. They could not be returned to their homes, as they would only be captured anew by fellow Africans and sold as slaves.”

            Jeremy Black, “The Royal Navy’s Triumph Over Slavery”, Quadrant, September 2020

            “Without significant intervention at the earliest time there is no hope for most children in many remote and some regional Aboriginal communities.”

            Lyn Wesley, “The Cruel Deception of Aboriginal Self-Determination”, Quadrant, September 2020

“The strongest motivation behind the Quixotic quest for Smaller Government is the desire of the better-off to pay lower taxes. Like Don Quixote, it has failed.”

            Ross Gittins, “Smaller Government Has Failed, But Let’s Cut Taxes Anyway.” Sydney Morning Herald, 5 October 2020

            “Central to Western science, as opposed to superstition and witchcraft, is a commitment to rationality and reason and even here woke ideology dominates. Such concepts are condemned as Eurocentric, binary, misogynist and, as noted by James Lindsay, guilty of favouring ‘white, Western epistemologies and pedagogies.’”

            Kevin Donnelly, “Where Woke Comes From”, Daily Telegraph, 25 August 2020

            The empires of colonial Europe and the Cold War superpowers have given way to a new form of dominion over the continent that serves as the mine of the world – new empires controlled not by nations but by alliances of unaccountable African rulers governing through shadow states, middlemen who connect them to the global resource economy, and multinational companies from the West and the East that cloak their corruption in corporate secrecy.”

            Tom Burgis, “The Looting Machine”, 2015

            “This year, more than twice as many people will be born as will die. Humanity’s numbers will swell by something like 80 million, pandemic or no pandemic.”

            Richard Webb, “The Great Population Debate”, New Scientist, 14 November 2020

            “I argued that IQs will decline in Western Europe and North America as a result of dysgenic fertility and the immigration of non-Europeans who are replacing the indigenous populations to such an extent that in the second half of the twenty-first century non-Europeans will become the majorities. As intelligence in Western Europe and North America declines, I predicted that China will grow in economic and military strength and will likely become the world super-power by the middle of the twenty-first century.”

            Richard Lynn, “Memoirs of a Dissident Psychologist”, 2020

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