31 March 2020

BRAINWASH – Mind Manipulation Through Education and the Media


The Human Rights Commission is again going where it should not and is trying to introduce a program aimed at young children, including pre-schoolers, called “Building Belonging”. This program is aimed at fostering “cultural competency” and avoiding racism and prejudice. To this end little children are encouraged to sing songs to spotlight racial harmony and the program encourages children to seek a friend of another racial background. [i] The arrogance of the Commission in trying to attempt social engineering through indoctrination of the very young is breath taking. And it could be very dangerous.

                Of course using education to brain wash young people is not new. For years our school children have been given a sanitised picture of traditional Aboriginal societies. History lessons are given on massacres of Aboriginals in colonial Australia, in particular the Myall Creek massacre, but not about massacres of settlers by Aboriginals. [ii] The NSW Department of Education runs an anti-racism website ‘racismnoway’ but even on this there is racial bias. Details are given of anti-Chinese riots but there is no mention of the Broome riots of 1920 where Japanese and Timorese slugged it out and seven people were killed. [iii] While the schools profess to have anti-racist policies the supporting material and curriculum feature a blatant racial bias.


                Unfortunately brainwashing people on racial issues is not new and quite frankly we are subject to it virtually every day. Take the media for instance.

                On American crime shows we see on television, ‘Law and Order’ for instance, the majority of criminals are white and only a few are black or Hispanic. Stories of college boys pack raping innocent girls have been featured but never anything about horrendous crimes committed by blacks and Hispanics.  [iv] American crime statistics indicate that minorities commit most of the crime in the US. For instance year after year the majority of homicides are committed by the black minority and a disproportionate number of rapes are committed by Hispanics, blacks and Hmong.[v]

                The bias and distortions are not restricted to fictional shows on television but are common on news programs and newspapers. For instance the Duke University lacrosse team was accused of pack rape of a cheerleader. All the accused were white and the alleged victim was black. The case was not only front page news in the United States but even made it to the Australian news media – at least until it became evident that the alleged rape was a hoax. [vi] On the other hand, the incredible level of rapes committed by minorities in the US is under-reported in that country and generally not mentioned in Australian media. Something like 35,000 white women are raped by blacks in America in a year but little if anything about this is reported in the mainstream media. [vii]

                The “Black Lives Matter” movement largely came about due to media bias. Both in America and Australia the mainstream media news gave us pictures of “racist” white police officers shooting black men. The immediate result were riots and demonstrations across America, many of them violent. What the mainstream media did not tell us was that shootings by police had actually been going down in number and that only a minority of those killed were black. In fact twice as many whites as blacks are killed by the police in the U S. [viii]

                The results in the longer term were worse than the rioting that occurred after well publicised killings. Violent crime rates in the US soared. The homicide rate in 2014 was 4.5 per 100,000 of population but in 2015 this rose to 5 per 100,000. [ix] Over half these killings were black on black homicides. In other words the results of the media giving excessive exposure to police killings were more people being murdered including many more black people dying.

                The Australian media is also highly biased and not just in what they repeat from the American media. Take the Baden-Clay case for instance.

                The murder occurred in Queensland but was given national coverage unlike most other crimes. It even featured in current affairs shows. Compare this to the murders, seven in fact, which occurred in Auburn, a suburb of Sydney in 2014. Over half were domestic incidents similar to the Baden-Clay case. At the time the whole local government area of Auburn had about 86,000 people hence the murder rate was equivalent to 8 per 100,000 of population. [x] All these murders combined, or the extraordinary level of homicide in one local government area, was given less coverage by the media in New South Wales than the one killing by Baden-Clay in Queensland. Auburn incidentally is one of the nation’s most multicultural areas with over 64% of the population born overseas, mainly in Third World countries. [xi]


The anti-vilification provisions of the anti-discrimination acts passed by the state and federal governments are a type of indirect brainwashing. Under some of this legislation action can be pursued just because a member of some minority claims they are offended by what they see or read in the media. If what people can say is controlled then control is also exerted over what they think. [xii] To make matters worse it was once held by the Human Rights Commission that truth is no defence. [xiii]

At the very least, this type of law would inhibit what people might say on controversial matters like Aboriginal welfare or race and immigration. At the worst it acts as a form of censorship even to the point of mind manipulation. Needless to say the chance of a white person getting a reasonable hearing if he, or she, thought they were being vilified by non-whites or the media would be close to zero.

Anti-vilification legislation is basically repressive and discriminatory and goes against the sort of free speech that is vital for a real democracy.


                There is something similar to the Big Brother situation made notorious in Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” in the way elites have decided what and how we should think. [xiv] This manipulation of our thought patterns is not always restricted to matters of race but just much more likely to be related to race or ethnicity than any other subject.

                Misinformation or absence of information in the media, or what we are taught at school, can be dangerous, lead people to make stupid decisions and do silly or dangerous acts. The increase in homicides in the United States in 2015 almost certainly came about due to biased news reporting about police shootings.

                In Australia in 2007 following revelations of some heinous crimes among Northern Territory Aboriginals that had previously not been mentioned by the media, the then government under John Howard began the “intervention” in the Territory. Results were that Aboriginal children were being better fed and school attendances improved. Over a five year period homicides among Aborigines in the Territory fell by at least 60%. [xv] All very good but if the media had been less inhibited and given coverage of the crime in Aboriginal communities earlier the drop in homicides may also have started earlier and more lives saved.

                Bias and misinformation in the media, and the repression caused by anti-vilification laws, all add up to mass programming of what we think, and how we act. It’s hopelessly undemocratic, basically an insult to our intelligence and our autonomy as human beings, and can be very dangerous. Brainwashing and mind manipulation must be fought at every opportunity.

Prepared by Australia First Hawkesbury – https://sites.google.com/site/australiafirsthawkesbury

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Originally produced in November 2016 and revised in January 2017. Uploaded to the Australia First Hawkesbury site on 25 August 2017.

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