It may be like pointing out that water is wet but if there is anything people and the media are constantly and really hypocritical about it would have to be race. This includes anti-racism and especially anti-racist education.

            For instance the New South Wales Education Department has an anti-racism policy. (1) But in a piece of apartheid has a separate Aboriginal education policy. (2)

            There is a related web page Racism No Way with all the expected biases including pictures of happy young people, very few of them white. It also includes details of massacres of Aboriginals by settlers in the 19th century, such as the Myall Creek incident, but no mention of massacres carried out by Aboriginals against settlers. (3) It would appear the Education Department encourages racial consciousness among minorities, along with the assumption that all the problems in the Aboriginal community can be sheeted home to white people and the developments that have occurred in Australia since 1788. Racial consciousness among whites of course is the height of naughtiness.

            Exactly what this achieves in practical terms is hard to discern. Whites are supposed to feel apologetic about the conditions of Aboriginals when most people in black run countries are massively worse off than Australia’s Aboriginals. (4) And whites are the ones who mainly pay for the welfare handouts to Aborigines, welfare that is pretty generous compared to what is paid in most other countries. Furthermore the scapegoating of whites and encouraging of racial consciousness among Aboriginals has been accompanied by some dreadful social problems, suicide being one of them.

            Despite a slight drop in Australia’s suicide numbers, it remains the leading cause of death for those aged 15-44. The Indigenous suicide rate for those aged 15-24 is four times the non-Indigenous rate in the same age group. For those aged between five and 17, suicide accounted for over a quarter of Aboriginal deaths in this age group. During the years 2014 to 2018 Indigenous children accounted for a quarter (85 of 357) of child suicides. (5)

            The same hypocrisy is found in the United States where there has been alarm over White Nationalists and the terror and violence they are said to be responsible for. Admittedly there have been some cases of violence from those with white nationalist leanings. (6) These however represent a very small amount of the violence that occurs in the US. Even with a drop in crime in the US, including a decrease of 6.2% in homicides in 2018 compared to the previous year, there were still 15,498 killings. (7)

            US hate crime statistics for the year 2017 indicate very few hate crime murders, in fact of 4,442 known hate crimes against persons only 0.3% (15 offenders) murdered their victims. Of all known hate crime offenders 50.7% were white and 21.3% were black or African American, but whites make up almost 62% of the US population and blacks only13.3%. (8) In proportion to their numbers blacks commit more hate crimes.

            The whole anti-racism thing is not only hypocritical but it distracts attention from serious problems in minority communities and makes it less likely that anyone will look at the real causes rather than just scapegoat whites.

            And as anyone who watched ABC’s 4 Corners program on 14 October, racial consciousness is alive and well among Chinese who come here as students. (9)

            It’s been said before but it’s worth reiterating: Anti-racism is anti-white.

(5) Stephen Lunn, “Indigenous Suicide Risk Four Times Higher”, The Australia, 26 September 2019

(6) E. Fields & K. Dilanian, “White Nationalism Fuelled Violence is on the Rise, But FBI is slow to call it Terrorism”, 6 August 2019

(9) Sean Rebinski-Dunlop, “Red Flags”, 4 Corners, ABC Television 14 October 2019

                   ANI 90 Spring 2019

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